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U.S. Department of Justice
ULEX 1.0
ULEX 1.0 Message Framework Overview
Draft Revision 1
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Updated 4/2/2008
ULEX Message Framework Overview
This document briefly describes the ULEX (Universal Lexical Exchange) Message Framework.  ULEX
provides an extensible framework for consistent packaging of information for the purposes of information
sharing. This message exchange format is based on a plug-in architecture so that different programs can
provide program-specific implementations of the exchange standard concepts.  The framework defines
major message exchange objects, hierarchy and structure of the elements.  A brief explanation for the
architecture of the framework is provided below.  
ULEX message framework:
Defines top level objects such as Message, Data Item, Digest, and Attachment.
Provides conceptual business rules that connect ULEX structures together.  
Uses W3C XML Schema abstract and group substitution constructs to provide extension points for
domain specific extensions and implementations. 
Figure 1 illustrates the top level structure for the PublishMessage submission:
Figure 1.  ULEX Message Framework