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Current LEXS Release (LEXS 5.0)

This is the current production release of LEXS. To provide feedback, make feature requests, report issues, etc. please send email to:

  • LEXS 5.0 PD/SR/SN/DE (9.3 MB) - LEXS 5.0 production release. The zip file follows the conventions of the NIEM Model Package Description (MPD) specification, and includes a Specification Guide, a readme file that provides a table of contents to the contents of the zip file, message and data model diagrams, sequence diagrams, XML schemas, XML sample instances, and various documentation artifacts.

Previous LEXS Releases

If you are using an older version of a LEXS release, you can find it right here. This section is for old versions that have been publicly released.

4.0 Specifications (released Sept 2011)

  • LEXS 4.0 PD (1.6 MB) - The Publish/Discover only specification. For pushing data to a server, not for querying, searching, etc.

  • LEXS 4.0 PD/SR/DE/SN (3.6 MB) - The Publish/Discover, Search/Retrieval, Domain Exchange, and Subscription/Notification specification. Contains all LEXS operations.

3.1 Specifications

3.0 Specifications

  • LEXS 3.0.4 (310.6 KB) - This is the final release of the LEXS 3.0 specification. There are some minor non-compatible differences between the 3.0.4 and 3.0.3 releases. (Released Mar 2007)

  • LEXS 3.0.3 (956 KB)

Updated Artifacts

These downloads consist of artifacts from LEXS distributions that have been updated since the release of the distribution.