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What is the LEXS Community?

There are numerous groups throughout the government and private industry utilizing the LEXS specification today. The LEXS community is here to help those implementing LEXS to collaborate and share ideas and come to good solutions. The community is here to help each other make life easier.

At LEXS Dev, we strive to create a friendly atmosphere; this is a place for programmers and model builders to help each other build appropriate LEXS exchanges. Your involvement in this site makes it what it is. If you feel like your project was particularly challenging in some way, feel free to create a wiki page or forum post describing why it was difficult and what you did to overcome it. Others will benefit from your experience.

How can LEXS Dev help me?

LEXS Dev's entire purpose is to serve those members in the community. The goal is to make your life easier by providing you the answers to detailed LEXS questions that you can't find anywhere else. In addition to forums and wiki pages, LEXS Dev hosts several projects that are aimed at everything from decreasing startup time in a new LEXS project to validating incoming LEXS documents in an exchange to speciality XSLTs designed at viewing digests.

The most important part of the LEXS community is that you are capable of creating answers to the questions you have. Post forum topics, start a wiki page; the community will take care of you and solve your problem. Then later, when you are a master LEXS user, you can give back to the community and help others find the solutions to their problems.

How can I help the LEXS community?

You can give back to the LEXS community in numerous ways. Your participation in forums or creating and policing of wiki pages is an immediate impact you can have on LEXS Dev. Also, LEXS Dev would be happy to host your open source project that others can use to make there life easier when working with LEXS. If you are interested in have an open source project hosted, please post to the general forums and someone will help you.