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LEXS: a comprehensive, NIEM-based, framework for the development of information exchanges. Initially developed for the law enforcement information sharing program at US Department of Justice, LEXS is now being widely used in criminal justice community at large, as well as by the homeland security, intelligence and other communities. Learn how you can use LEXS and see how others use it.

LEXS News & Events

  • LEXS 5.0 Available! - The LEXS 5.0 release is now available for use and can be accessed on the downloads page.

Site Contents:

  • Documentation - The documentation page is a great place to get your feet wet learning LEXS. Start with the quick start guide for LEXS 4.0 and move into more advanced topics like the user guide.

  • Downloads - If you just want to grab the latest "LEXS" and start working with it, then the downloads page is definitely for you. Here you can find any version that has been publicly released and sometimes versions that are cutting edge betas for community review.

  • Tools - The LEXS program has developed many tools to help you perform complicated tasks with LEXS that are often too much work to do on your own. Often this means things like language bindings or starter projects, but can also be utilities like business rule compatibility checks and default rendering instructions. Head over and see if anything can help you!

  • Community Forums - Post questions and receive answers from the LEXS community! Perfect for that "How do I...?" type question that you can never find an answer for anywhere else.

Other Resources:

  • Search - Can't find what you're looking for in any other category? Then if it exists, you will probably find it by searching.

  • Information about the NIEM program, upon which LEXS is based, can be found at the NIEM Home Page: